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Thank you for submitting your FUNDING application for the 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR.  


All applicants for the CLASSROOM PROJECT PROGRAM will be notified of the results by EMAIL within 10 days of application submittal.

Funding awards will be distributed via electronic delivery or check. 

As an educator or staff member, you know that Hayward students rely on you every day. Hayward Education Foundation (HEF) also relies on you and our community as partners in fulfilling our joint expectations for academic excellence.  HEF is committed to its role of raising funds to support Hayward's teachers, students and academic excellence. For the 2022-2023 school year, HEF gave over $51,000 to Hayward classrooms.

Our goal has always been to fund every qualifying proposal that we receive. That is why we are asking for your help. A simple payroll deduction enrollment is an investment in yourself. Help spread the word to friends and family that one donation from them can help ensure more funding for classroom projects.

JOIN us!  A monthly payroll deduction to HEF is simple - a few dollars can make a significant impact over the year. As little as $5 a month can help fund more grants to more Hayward classrooms.  Hayward Education Foundation is committed to continuing to do everything possible to put more money back into our classrooms and bridge the gap from lost funding. 

Options to donate:
For HUSD employees: HEF Payroll Deduction Form (to be submitted to HUSD payroll) 
For Private School employees, please email 

Thank you again,
Hayward Education Foundation

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