CLASSROOM PROJECT guidelines & selection criteria

The Hayward Education Foundation will begin accepting applications for its 2021-2022 HEF Classroom Projects Program (CPP) and the COVID-19 Addendum funding the week of September 27, 2021. Below please find information on the preparation and submittal of your classroom project, a timetable for funding, and the link to the online application.

Project guidelines and selection criteria for the application are below. 

Awards up to $1,000 are available to individual teachers for innovative and creative classroom projects which enhance the learning experience of Hayward students. Funding is provided through a competitive bidding process usually announced at the beginning of the school year. All teachers who are employed at schools in Hayward (Public, Private, Charter etc.) are eligible and encouraged to submit a classroom project for funding.

Applicants may apply for both funding options, but must submit the respective applications. Applications that have joint funding requests, will not be accepted. 



The Hayward Education Foundation (HEF) awards funding for innovative classroom projects & activities which support, enrich, and strengthen the educational experiences of students as well as promote life-long learning.  


Funding is awarded once each year, up to a maximum of $1,000. Due to the funding limitations, a project may be fully or partially funded.  An applicant may submit only one application per funding cycle.  All applicants who are awarded an HEF Classroom Project  are required to return any unspent funds to HEF and also to provide a completed final report including photos at the conclusion of the project. The Final Report Guidelines can be found here. Please be sure to provide your initials acknowledging your understanding of these requirements and electronically sign your application once completed. Failure to return any unspent funds and to submit a final report including any photos may prevent you from receiving future funding.


For the list of grants funded in the past, click here.


Application Process (NEW): 

All applications must be received by the deadline.  Additionally, all applications must be read and approved by the school's principal before submittal. Please ensure that you have indicated that your principal has reviewed your application and approves the submittal by typing your initials, indicating the name of the school's principal in the spaces provided, and electronically signing the application.  

Each application must have a completed budget. Applications without a completed budget will not be considered. You may download the template here Itemized Budget. You will need excel to fill out the form.




Applications will be evaluated by a Classroom Projects Allocation Committee comprised of HEF Board members and community members. The committee will then make recommendations for funding to the HEF Board of Directors soon thereafter. 

All applicants will be notified of the results by EMAIL or LETTER. 

Applicants may apply for both the Classroom Project Funding and the COVID-19 Addendum funding.



The Hayward Education Foundation (HEF) is looking for Classroom Project requests that:

  • Are creative, innovative and support, enrich, and strengthen the educational experiences of students in Hayward elementary and secondary schools.

  • Promote life-long learning.

  • Clearly identify & explain activities and goals for the project as well as clarify criteria for evaluating accomplishments.

  • Require full participation of students which is active and hands-on and occurs in the classroom or on school grounds.

  • Are complete with a clear and concise budget including specific line items for proposed purchases.

  • Support purchases that will endure over time.

HEF will NOT fund:

  • Late applications.

  • Handwritten applications.

  • Incomplete applications (PLEASE read the instructions carefully), i.e. Applications with incomplete narratives and/or applications with incomplete budgets or budgets that do not match the described program.

  • Applications NOT approved for submittal by the school's principal (no substitutes)

  • Projects that do not describe or provide a clear educational benefit.

  • Items that the District/School can provide.

  • Personal Electronic Devices (tablets, iPads, laptop or desktop computers) for the teachers use.

  • Printer ink.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of any kind.

  • Salaries or stipends.

  • Field Trips (transportation, passes, admission tickets, registration costs, chaperone fees)

  • Finger printing of any kind. 

  • Retroactive expenses or activities.

  •  Student snacks.

  • Clothing, e.g., t-shirts or sweatshirts.

  • Trophies, pins, certificates of achievement, etc.

2021-2022 CPP Funding Calendar:

Application and Guidelines Available: Week of September 27, 2021
Application Receipt Deadline: tbd
Grant Committee Review: tbd
Grant Funding Recommendations to Board: tbd
Notification to Applicants of Funding: tbd
Distribution of Awards: tbd 

Questions and More information:

If you have any questions:
CALL: (510) 862-3702

Applications will be available the last week of September 2021