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Within the walls of every Hayward School can be found students and teachers

alike who long to reach higher and achieve more. 


In 2008, we launched the HEROES campaign to acknowledge those who believe, as we do, that children deserve THE BEST – the best education possible. Today, our everyday activities are building our future – Hayward Heroes are investing in the future.


Each year we ask each school in the Hayward community to choose a “Hero.” A Hero is someone who exemplifies kindness, integrity, selflessness, and continually goes above and beyond their usual duties for the betterment of the school and the students.  A Hero may be a volunteer, parent, custodian, office worker, educator, or anyone who the school community feels should be recognized for their commitment to the greater good of the students and education. 


The “hero dinner” was the idea of community member and local philanthropist, George Pacheco who had gathered support for the dinner. In 2009, we celebrated our heroes with a small intimate gathering for lunch. It has since evolved into a grand celebration, growing every year not only in attendance, but the number of heroes honored. In 2018, we are honoring 41 Hayward Heroes and are expecting over 600 people to attend the Hero Dinner. Join the Hayward Education Foundation in May as we honor and celebrate our Hayward Heroes.

Meet the 2018 hayward heroes

Hero a Day Slides_Medel Will
Hero a Day Slides_Winfrey Maylee
Hero a Day Slides_Torrez Hector
Hero a Day Slides_Watts Earl
Hero a Day Slides_Veloz Montes Cynthia
Hero a Day Slides_Switzer Debra
Hero a Day Slides_Sanz Raquel
Hero a Day Slides_Sangiacomo Pam
Hero a Day Slides_Padilla Ricardo
Hero a Day Slides_Herrera Mila
Hero a Day Slides_Hodges Hunter
Hero a Day Slides_Rosenbloom Leah
Hero a Day Slides_Phuong Diana
Hero a Day Slides_Hartley Jerry
Hero a Day Slides_Hardwick Jennifer
Hero a Day Slides_Newport Phillip
Hero a Day Slides_Olmedo Juan
Hero a Day Slides_Gutierrez Karina
Hero a Day Slides_Goldman Dyane
Hero a Day Slides_Magallon Stephanie
Hero a Day Slides_Louwaert Heidi
Hero a Day Slides_Guerrero Irma
Hero a Day Slides_Gould Christine
Hero a Day Slides_King Corliss
Hero a Day Slides_Fauntleroy Chantaine
Hero a Day Slides_Cabral Renee
Hero a Day Slides_Armas Fernando
Hero a Day Slides_Drost Sue
Hero a Day Slides_Espinosa Andrea
Hero a Day Slides_Bills Jennifer
Hero a Day Slides
Hero a Day Slides_Coronado Julie
Hero a Day Slides_Coon Laura
Hero a Day Slides_Andrade Guy
Hero a Day Slides_Coniff Lori
Hero a Day Slides_Clarin Luz
Hero a Day Slides_Al Khalidi Najla


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