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2022-23 classroom projects

Here is a summary of the projects that have been funded for the 2022-2023 school year. With the support and generosity of our Sponsors and Donors, we were able to fund 60 classroom projects, distributing $51,135 into Hayward classrooms. Click here for a downloadable list of the funded projects. 

Southgate Garden Project

Clara Delsener  |  $869

Southgate Elementary School

Wellness to be Successful

Smita Kumar, Counselor  |  $983

Winton Middle School

Chopped Season 2, HEF edition

Jill Barbosa |  $280

Hayward High School

STEAM Gardening

Christopher Broski  | $933

Winton Middle School

Elementary PE

Cynthia Wong  | $995

California Crosspoint Academy

Garden Learning Center

Tu Tran |  $994

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Kaiser Permanente, PHD in Generosity, Supports Health & Wellness

PHd Architects, PHD in Generosity, Supports the Arts

Mural Project

Liliana Herrera  |  $941

Impact Academy

Ruus Shakespeareans

Paul Garrison|  $1,000

Ruus Elementary School

Strings for All

Earl Cato |  $993

Mt Eden High School

Color My World

Tara Miller  | $987

Hayward High School

Collagraph Printing Unit

Jin Chon  | $994

Tennyson High School

R. Zaballos & Sons, PHD in Generosity, Supports Literacy

The Secret Stories - A Science of Reading Based Phonics Program

Caitlin Acosta  |  $381

Tyrrell Elementary School

Multi-Ethnic Character Library Book Collection

Julie Schumacher  |  $999

California Crosspoint Academy

Travel the Worldwide Library

Paco (Alex) Durante  | $993

Tennyson High School

Catch-Up Readers to Help Upper Elementary Students Catch Up

Harriett Janetos |  $983

Schafer Park Elementary School

Graphic Novels for Avid Readers!

Monica Gonzalez | $684

Bret Harte Middle School

The Monarch Times Newspaper

Annie Mladinich (Bogue) | $966

Mt. Eden High School

Tri-Group, PHD in Generosity, Supports STEAM

Elementary Engineering

Ivana Setiadi  |  $995

California Crosspoint Academy

Snap Circuits Junior Project

Andrea Cordero |  $793

Harder Elementary School

Search for Most Expert in Using TI-84 Plus CE Calculator

Sheryll Cuartero  |  $955

Leadership Public School-Hayward

Interactive STEM Classroom

Annie Choy | $715

Hayward High School

Tech Challenge - Survive the Storm

George Kwong | $502

Schafer Park Elementary School

Student-Designed Terrarium Experiment

Leslie Watson|  $556

Tennyson High School

Hayward Education Association Award

Diversity Through Art and Literature

Daniel Gonzalez  |  $1,000

Burbank Elementary School

Inclusion Animals for Autism

Elijah Shepherd |  $979

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Longwood Cup

Dena Connolly | $1,000

Longwood Elementary School

Masters in Giving Sponsors – James A. Vlantis, PG&E, Safeway Foundation, & Sprinkler Fitters Local 483


Yesenia Castro |  $974

Tennyson High School

Realistic Applications of our Learning through Art

Katherine Brown |  $982

Longwood Elementary School

Maps and How We See the World

William Eggleton |  $929

Impact Academy High School

Butterfly Garden

Laura Arnason |  $985

California Crosspoint Academy

Extension of modalities for students with learning disabilities

Julie Dobkin  |  $589

Hayward High School

Promoting Engagement

Elia Bustamante | $1,000

Burbank Elementary School

Special Education Teaching with Technology

Dr. Teffany Malone |  $1,191

Mt. Eden High School

Fabulous Brain Building Games

Jill Meier  |  $1,008

Longwood Elementary School

Science Knowledge will not Erode

James Brandle |  $337

Fairview Elementary School

BA in Bestowals Sponsors – Friends of Chabot College, Samuel & Son, & Science in the Park

All Ears for Learning

Jimmie Martinez |  $1,000

Burbank Elementary School

Sparkles Auto Spa Vocational Training

Martha Wojno  |  $383

Hayward Adult School/Special Education Transition Program

Video Audio Media Broadcast

Howard Haowei Ju  |  $994

California Christian High School

Key to Theater

Somsak Son |  $537

Key Academy Charter

Count Me In! Funded by AA in Donation Sponsors – Fremont Bank, Laurel & Bill Quirk, Marge & Robert Sakai, Hayward Firefighters Local 1909, Cookies, Andy Krake/Community Wireless and HEF Supporters

Take Your Seats

Desirae Christoffersen  |  $992

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Flexible Seatin'

Ava Rodgers  |  $982

Burbank Elementary School

57 Bus Juvenile Justice Project

Megan Ball |  $824

Hayward High School

Lo Mejor de los dos mundos; The Best of Both Worlds

Martha Ng |  $1,000

Hayward High School

Exploring Themes in Literature

Adrianna de Anda  |  $1,086

Burbank Elementary School

Hands On Learning

Paz Noemi Hernandez  |  $979

Treeview Elementary School

Fun and Engaging Learning Centers

Adriana Gonzalez  |  $992

Cherryland Elementary School

Tyrrell's Amazing Butterfly Garden

Ms. Jurado  |  $935

Tyrrell Elementary School

Books & Materials for our 1st Grade Classroom

Valene Wong  |  $510

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Equipment for Anatomy/Biology Labs

Donna Edwards-White  |  $775

Mt. Eden High School

Building a Recording Studio at HHS

Nicholas Tocco  |  $997

Hayward High School

Small Talk Video Production

Anne Kim | $1,000

California Crosspoint Academy

Experiential Science and Social Skills

Jonathan Fil  |  $963

Harder Elementary School

Loaner Chromebooks for Students in M3

Ms. Oliverez-Pitta  |  $798

Hayward High School

Tablets for Small Group Interactive Learning Centers

Heather Burns  |  $889

Cherryland Elementary School

Latin America Culture Day

Norma Severson  |  $800

Tennyson High School

Colorful Learning Materials

Ward Stern  |  $346

Tennyson High School

Sensory Learning and Play in K

Lisa Musselman |  $870

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Classroom Library

Ana M Gonzalez  |  $995

Tennyson High School

Differentiating Hand-Eye Coordination

James Higares  |  $780

Glassbrook Elementary School

Increase Your Communication Skills

Joycelyn Young  |  $341

Ruus Elementary School

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