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ChangeX, Tenure in Altruism, Supports Creative Classrooms

Creative Song Writers                                                          The Hanging Gardens of Longwood

Elia Bustamante| $995                                                                       Katherine Brown | 1000

Burbank Elementary                                                                              Longwood Elementary

More Hanging Gardens of Longwood                               Writer's Workshop for SDC                                                                   

Chris Messer | 1,000                                                                            Jonathan Fil | $1000

Longwood Elementary School                                                               Harder Elementary

Reading and Research Project: The Migrant's Journey          French 3+4H Art Project/ French Movie

Megan Ball Elutilo | $993                                                                                Sabine Menette-Mclaughlin | $1000

Hayward High School                                                                                         Hayward High School

Equipping Young Hoopers for Success                             Spike Ball Fun in Physical Education

James Higares |$992                                                                            Cynthia Waite | $684

Fairview Elementary School                                                                   Stonebrae Elementary School

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly                                                Animae Design

Nicole Heinson  | $363.31                                                                   Jennifer Langan | $991

Tyrrell Elementary School                                                                      Hayward High School

Beginners Photography Elective                                        

Kristina Denison | $996                                                                       

St. Bede Catholic School                                                                        

Sutter Health/Eden Medical Center, Tenure in Altruism,

Supports Wellness in the Classroom

Cozy Flexible Seating                                               Setting up Centers based learning for Mod/Severe SDC

Amelia Perez | $892                                                                             Alma Tolentino | $999

Eden Gardens Elementary                                                                      Eldridge Elementary School

Let's Explore and Learn in Kindergarten                        Genius Projects

Laurie Sexton Bickart  | $972.51                                                        Erika Isomura | $269

Fairview Elementary School                                                                   Glassbrook Elementary School

Technology, Reading and Wall Decorations (Aids) in the Classroom          Life Skills

Ana Gonzalez  | $999                                                                                                                   Jessica Diaz  | $828

Hayward High School                                                                                                                    Tennyson High School

Mental Health Awareness                                                   Functional Behavioral

Imelda Herrera| $947                                                                          Raziel Gordon  |  $978

Tennyson High School                                                                            Longwood Elementary School

Sensory Seating & Flexible Furniture                               Relaxation Station

Rakesh Dutt  |  $817                                                                            Desirae Christoffersen|  $676

Stonebrae Elementary School                                                               Palma Ceia Elementary School

Kaiser Permanente, PHD in Generosity, Supports STEM Education

Using Technology to Increase                                            Robotics Lab

Student Engagement in M/S Classroom                          Andrea Cordero | $987.20

Denine Jones | $990                                                                            Harder Elementary School

Glassbrook Elementary School     


Classroom Quail Habitat                                                     Robotics for All

Pamela Illes | $992.                                                                             Ramona Quezada-Martinez | $990.80

Glassbrook Elementary School                                                              Harder Elementary School

Interactive STEM Manipulatives

Annie Choy | $999.53

Hayward High School

Rodan Building Inc, PHD in Generosity, Supports Literacy

Improving My Reading                                                         Picturing the Lion's Tale

Roxana Serna | $1,000                                                                       Matthew Amaral | $1,000

Hayward High School                                                                            Mt. Eden High School

Recite Dialogues and Presentations                                Let's Start a Serenade

Ms. Benita Perez |  $982                                                                    Martin Canizales Cobos |  $992.92

Mt. Eden High School                                                                            Mt. Eden High School

Make Letters Stick!

Harriett Janetos |  $960.00

Schafer Park Elementary School

P+HD Architects, PHD in Generosity, Supports Literacy

Help! I Can't Hear

Valerie Bogdanos| $450

Burbank Elementary

Listen Up!

Cheryl Fobbs | $784

Cherryland Elementary School

French Cooking

Ghislaine Gery |  $994

Mt Eden High School

   Decodable Readers for

   Kinesthetic Learners

   Innian Leung | $983

   California Crosspoint Academy

   Comfortable Carpet Space &             Backpacks to Improve Learning

   Valene Wong | $988

   Eden Gardens Elementary School

R. Zaballos & Sons, PHD in Generosity, Supports Visual and Performing Arts

Ruus Shakespeareans

Paul Garrison|  $1,000

Ruus Elementary School

Building the Recording Studio- Step 2

Nicholas Tocco|  $929

Hayward High School

Band instruments

Ashley Kim | $958

California Crosspoint Academy

New Strings for All

Earl Cato |  $929

Mt Eden High School

Student Storage Solutions

Carrie King | $882

Mt. Eden High School

Tri-Group, PHD in Generosity, Supports Literacy        

Designing Artistic Work to Bridge the West & the East

Angela Ma |  $1000

Hayward High School

e-Readers for Kids

Jennifer Silva |  $990

St. Bede Cathollic School

Pinkcat Game Subscription for Fun Practice and Review

Julieta Garcia |  $80

Tyrrell Elementary

Flashlight Stories

Sandra Jurado| $170

Tyrrell Elementary School

World Wide Library - Expanded

Paco (Alex) Durante | $886

Tennyson High School

Dupont, PHD in Generosity, Supports Science and Technology

Makey Makey Inventors

Reneir Viray | $999

California Crosspoint Academy

Snap! It's Electric

Veronica Jarata | $991

St. Bede Catholic School

 Science Electronic Notebook

 Alejandro Del Toro | $1000

 Bret Harte Middle School

STEAM Makerspace on a Cart

Amy Lindahl | $1000

Cherryland Elementary School

STEM Solar Oven 

Deborah A Zacharoff | $677

Faith Ringgold School of Arts & Science

Hayward Education Association, Kathleen Crummey Award  (Made in Hayward)

Animals for Autism
Elijah Shepherd | $979
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Life of a Kitty
Rosa Escobedo | $1000

Tyrrell Elementary School

Let's Light Up Our Learning in Kindergarten!
Carolyn Barrientos| $1000

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Masters in Giving Sponsors: Hayward Rotary Club, PG&E, Safeway Foundation,  Sprinkler Fitters Local 483, Elisa Marquez, Alameda County Supervisor, Dis. 2, and Castro Valley-Hayward Kiwanis Club

Food Safety awareness for Chem and Agriscience students (HRC)

Physics Equipment |  $981

Tennyson High School

Manipulating and Gamifying a STEAM Classroom (HRC)

Candace Nguyen | $1000

Hayward High School

Engaging Students with Hands-On Robotics (PG&E)

Jose Moreno |  $787

Mount Eden High School

Appreciating Nature with Photography Zines (SFU#483)

Laura Arnason |  $985

California Crosspoint Academy

Elementary Coding and Robotics  (SwF)

Kaleonahe Puller |  $999

California Crosspoint Academy

Physics Equipment (HRC)

Serge Arzumanov | $1,000

Mt. Eden High School

Empowering Students with Tech (PG&E)

Matthew Estill |  $891

Brenkwitz Continuation High School

Comfortable Carpet Space & Backpacks to Improve Learning  (SwF)

Valene Wong  |  $988

Eden Gardens Elementary

Construction Tech Mini Home Kitchen Project (SFU#483)

Jose Lopez|  $993

Eden Area ROP

¡Un Poco de Todo!  (AC Dist 2)

Martha Ng | $1000

Hayward High School

Decolonizing Our History Classroom  (AC Dist 2)

Amber Ennis | $1000

California Crosspoint Academy

Earth Without Wildlife is Earth Without

Beautiful Things (CV-H Kiwanis)

Colleen Abate | $963

Winton Middle School

Let's get Digital   (CV-H Kiwanis)

Jimmie Martinez| $1000

Burbank Elementary

BA in Bestowals Sponsors:  Cardenas Market Foundation, The Friends of Chabot College, Samuel, Son, &  Co., Fremont Bank, Pacific Workers' Farber & Co Attorneys

Empowering Literacy

Fanny Camacho|  $1,000

Glassbrook Elementary

Math Center

Maria Villasenor  |  $861

Burbank Elementary School


Building a Chicken Coop in the School Garden

Fred Mooradally |  $982

Hayward Twin Oaks Montessori Charter School

STEAM Student Projects

Cynthia Shay|  $787

Burbank Elementary School

STEM Learning for 1st Grade
Melissa Magyar | $711
Longwood Elementary School

STEM Stations

Susana Alfaro Martinez | $991

Tennyson High School

Through an Indigenous Lens: Imagining a Sustainable 21st Century City

Bharat Mehta | $991

Tennyson High School

Count Me In! Funded by AA in Donation Sponsors – Robert & Marge Sakai, Hayward Firefighters Local 1909, Palace Casino,  HEF Supporters and Donors, and IN MEMORY OF JOEL THORNLEY, HUSD Superintendent, 1983-1991

Creating Comfortable and Collaborative Spaces for First Graders

Jan Dos Ramos |  $881

Eden Gardens Elementary

Gold Rush

Ray Murphey|  $938

Southgate Elementary School

Increasing Student & Family Engagement

Victoria Pallotta |  $978

East Avenue Elementary School

My Family Books (Hardcopies/written in Chinese)

Heather Hsieh|  $996

Stonebrae Elementary School

DIY Dress Up Corner for Kindergarten

Lesley Feikert  |  965

Eden Gardens Elementary School

HEF Chopped Season 4

Jill Barbosa| $125

Hayward High School

Get Creative in Latin America Traditions

Yesenia Castro |  $999

Tennyson High School

Linocut Printmaking: Building Identity

 Jin Chon |  $955

Tennyson High School

Tablets for Small Group Interactive Learning Centers

Adriana Gonzalez  |  $838

Cherryland Elementary School

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