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2020-21 classroom projects

Here is a summary of the projects that have been funded for the 2020-2021 school year. Project summaries and outcomes will be available after June 2021. Click here for a downloadable list of the funded projects


For the 2020-2021 funding year, we added a COVID-19 Addendum. This additional funding was allocated to HELP SUPPORT TEACHERS and students adapt to the unique circumstances and new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Awards were distributed to help with distance/remote learning and the transition period for the 2020-2021 school year. It is our mission to offer help and support to online classrooms in ways that the district cannot.

Kaiser Permanente Supports Distance Learning

Reading Together

Dionne Igual  |  $800

Fairview Elementary School

Ready, Set, Read!

Odessa Wiley  |  $800

Schafer Park Elementary School

Tools for Distance Learning

Maria Pagonis |  $408

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Sensory Motor Gadgets for Students with Autism

Maria Elena Aguilus  | $438

Tennyon High School

Technology for Distance Learning

Earl Cato  | $791

Mt Eden High School

Art Kit for Virtual Learning

Jade Duong  | $371

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Spooky STEM & STEAM!

Rosalinda Diaz  | $275

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Learning Together

Sandra Juardo  | $345

Tyrrell Elementary School

Distance Learning Stop Motion Animation

Judy Okolie | $336

Tennyson High School

Push our Buttons

Annalisa Engel  | $471

Anthony Ochoa Middle School

Alameda County District 2 COVID Relief

Technology and Digital Assignments

Grace You  |  $542

Stonebrae Elementary School

Full STEAM Ahead!

Amelia Perez |  $800

Eden Gardens Elementary School


Kelly Rien |  $569

Glassbrook Elementary School

Hook Line and Sink Digital Activities

Evangela Dixon | $159

Longwood Elementary School

Love of Reading at Home

Arselia Duenas  | $501

Lorin Eden Elementary School

All Together Now

Lynette Nielsen  | $748

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Math Tools for 6th Grade

Valerie Bogdanos  | $402

Longwood Elementary School

Distance Learning Supplies

Pamela Illes  | $489

Glassbrook Elementary School

Creative and Critical Thinkers

Alejandra Arevalo | $800

Longwood Elementary School

Fremont Bank Supports Distance Learning

Distance Learning? No Problem...

James Brandle  |  $234

Fairview Elementary School

Art Is Essential

Sydney Yamamoto |  $295

Strobridge Elementary School

Visualizing Work From a Clear Distance

Re'Shawana Graves  |  $222

Bret Harte Middle School

Distance Learning Upgrade

Pamela Illes| $992

Glassbrook Elementary School

Whiteboards for Wishful Wisdom

Jenny McConnell | $572

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Science Tablet

Stuart Loebl  | $410

Lorin Eden Elementary School

The "Art and Math" of STEAM

Dena Connolly  | $964

Longwood Elementary School

Look! Listen! And Learn!

Valene Wong | $867

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Hayward Education Association Award

Future Scientists & Engineers Need STEAM Curriculum for Distance Learning

Mhylte Zataray  |  $617

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Tactile Distance Math

Dena Connolly |  $800

Longwood Elementary School

Distance Learning Resources for a Dual Language Zoom Classroom

Neomi Romero-Rodrigues | $800

Burbank Elementary School

Make 3rd Grade STEAMy

Lynette Nielsen  | $970

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Hayward Rotary Supports Literacy 

First Graders - First Readers!

Kathleen McCarthy  |  $729

Stonebrae Elementary School

Kindergarteners Need Books in Their Hands!

Lisa Musselman |  $607

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Bonkers for Books at Home

Lesley Feikert | $708

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Nieto Valle Construction Supports Distance Learning

Kindergartener's Creating Fine Motor Skills

Monica Bocanegra  |  $328

Schafer Park Elementary School

Becoming a Highly Effective Teen

Kim Kean |  $417

Anthony Ochoa Middle School

Eagles Soar High with eBooks

Stacey Zezza |  $1,000

East Avenue Elementary School

Wild Robot Study

Brittany Akemon | $111

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Great Listening Skills Needed

Barrett Wells |  $406

MLK Jr Middle School

Building a Class of Scientists and Readers

ThuVan Hoang |  $240

Cherryland Elementary School

Count Me In! Funded by HEF Supporters

Squeeze, stretch, roll, pinch, paint, dot!

Elana Louie |  $609

Longwood Elementary School

Spoken Word Poetry Residency with Bay Area Creative

Kristen Nevarez  |  $800

Burbank Elementary School

Art at Home

Cynthia Shay |  $476

Strobridge Elementary School

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Laura Romero |  $800

Longwood Elementary School

Decodable Readers to build reading Skills

Laurie Bickart |  $752

Burbank Elementary School

Books during a Pandemic

Erika Isomura |  $721

Glassbrook Elementary School

Books to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Monica Gonzalez |  $553

Bret Harte Middle School

STEM at Home for Everybody!

Susana Alfaro-Martinez |  $300

Tennyson High School

Decodable Readers to improve reading Skills

Katelyn Dascomb |  $752

Burbank Elementary School

Design It! Create It! Share It!

Carolyn Barrientos | $512

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Encouraging Creativity and Critical Thinking in First Grade

Irma Aranda  |  $594

Longwood Elementary School

Let's Build Words

Laurie Bickart |  $669

Cherryland Elementary School

Books for Distance Learning Library

Pamela Illes  |  $800

Glassbrook Elementary School

Build Reading Skills with Decodables

Melissa Magyar |  $758

Longwood Elementary School

3D Modeling While Distance Learning

Edgar Monroy   |  $712

Bret Harte Middle School

Art At A Distance III

Tara Miller |  $763

Hayward High School

New World Orchestra

Earl Cato |  $1,000

Anthony Ochoa Middle School

Building a Socially/Emotionally Responsive Special Education Class

Maria Elena Aguilus |  $950

Tennyson High School

how did things go?

Laurie Bickart at Burbank Elementary:

One of the most important outcome was the engagement level of my students during small reading groups. Because the systematic lessons were interactive and hands on, the students were interested, and excited to participate. One of the students said, "I'm a reader!" They would ask if we could do activities again because they were fun! We want our students to love to read and to feel confident reading . The flyleaf books and lessons have really helped to do that!

Alejandra Arevalo at Longwood Elementary:

One of the most important outcomes was engagement. The students absolutely proved to be the most engaged during the reading of the chapter books and art projects in our day. They would request to be readers and politely asked to be the reader after their friend.  Students who were absent or needed to read the chapter again, had the physical book to go back or listen to the audio recording if the text was too hard or just for fun reread. Students were able to practice the citing skills. They could go back to the chapter or pages to cite their answers, for example, "In the text or on page so so it said.." A super important skill for third grade. Another major outcome was social emotional growth. We were able to dive into conversations based on character feelings, their personal feeling and ideas on how to manage strong feelings. Grief was a major topic as Charlotte's Web ended. We had many students empathize and connect, with their personal emotions or family members. The major outcome here is the determination, perseverance and motivation to keep reading the book to find out what comes next. One of the last outcomes so far, was the connection with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and luck. Each student was mailed a ticket in our class, only five had a Golden Ticket like in the book. Students were excited for each other, creating a sense of team and unity.

Kristen Nevarez at Burbank Elementary:

The Fusion Dance Project teaching artist taught my kids how to express themselves through dance. Students learned patterns and math through dance. They learned more about growth mindset and put it into practice. In many of the lessons the teaching artist challenged them with a complicated dance move. Some wanted to give up in the beginning of the program, but with encouragement and reminders about how our brain works students preserved. Students were proud when they were able to memorize the steps and combination.

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