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Classroom Projects

Every September, all Hayward teachers are invited to submit an application for a Classroom Project.  Awards of $800 are available to teachers for innovative classroom projects that support curriculum-based, student-focused learning enrichment programs. Businesses can donate for a Named Grant, where 100% of monies are allocated to a specific grant or academic field.  For example, Kaiser Permanente donates specifically for Health and Wellness grants.


Applications are available in September and funded in November.

Hayward Heroes

In 2008, we launched the HEROES campaign to acknowledge those who believe as we do that children deserve the best – the best education possible. Today, our everyday activities are building the future – Hayward Heroes are investing in the future.

For the past seven years the Hayward Education Foundation has asked each school in the Hayward community to choose a “hero”, someone in the school who has gone above and beyond their usual duties to serve the school. A “hero” may be a volunteer, parent, custodian, office worker, or a teacher, anyone who the school community feels should be recognized for their commitment to the students and school.

If you would like to be on the planning committee for the 2018 Hayward Hero Dinner, please email Penny Bonny at

Check back February 2018 for details on the 2018 Hero Dinner.

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